We do this in the fields with the agricultural community and in our our state of the art Good Manufacturing Facilities (GMP). This is accomplished while simultaneously growing the fields of medicine and science, both internally and with our partners. After years of research, our founders came to the conclusion that phytocannabinoids are the medicine of the future.


We are able to achieve an unmatched quality standard by being involved in every aspect of the plants lifecycle from seed to product. By working with farmers, pharmacists, chemical engineers, geneticists, and leaders in agrarian research, we have created exceptional quality, reliability, and repeatability within every aspect of our operation.

Tucker Naturals has looked to the pharmaceutical industry for best practices, and is working closely with industry leaders to better track, test, and improve every aspect of farming, cultivation, processing and product development. We have integrated the best practices from healthcare, pharmacology, manufacturing, and research to be able to continually improve our systems.


Every aspect of our operation is validated by independent experts and third party laboratories to ensure that we exceed all present standards. All products we deliver come with 100% transparency of sources and third party testing. We are able to guarantee this level of quality only by demanding the same rigorous standards from all of our partners and suppliers.

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